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Saveco has organized the Girgaian party in the National Bank Hospital and AlRai & Qurain Saveco branches.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saveco, the leading hypermarket in Kuwait, has held the annual Girgaian party for Children's Cancer at the National Bank Hospital as well as at AlRai & Qurain Saveco branches.

The party included recreational activities for children, such as drawing, magician and the clown. At the end of the party, children's gifts were presented by Saveco.

Saveco CEO Mrs. Noor Faisal Al Qatami said that the Girgaian party is a good opportunity to build direct communication between Saveco team and the children of the National Bank Hospital, as well as our valued customers. Saveco believes that these parties carry a special meaning for everyone, since it represents a great importance to Kuwaiti society. She added: Saveco always make sure to hold Ramadan activities every year on this spiritual occasion. With our aim to create a spirit of joy, since that Girgaian party is an annual custom which is a part of our Kuwaiti heritage.

Al-Qatami added that Saveco will spare no effort to strengthen communication with our customers and the Kuwaiti community. We aim to consolidate the concept of sustainability in practical terms by intensifying programs in the holy month of Ramadan believing in our responsibility towards our society and Kuwaiti customs.